Who is who – Today, Tell Fusta.

Who is who – Today, Tell Fusta.


Today we will introduce you to Tell Fusta, one of our first followers of Instagram. Tell Fusta is a small-large family project that offers toys quality wooden craft. They make Pikle furniture and games spaces for early childhood.

She will tell us how her project was born, why and what the future holds for her.

We’ll start:

What is your name?

Jordina Costa

How old are you?

I am 42 years old

Do you have children?

Yes, two, the older, Tell and Tiá.

Who is part of Tell Fusta?

I am from Girona, but love took me to Empordà, where with Carles we have built our history. As a family, but also as life and work partners. We have two children, in Tell and Tiá. And without them, we believe that Tell Fusta would never have been born.

Why was it born?

Tell Fusta was born from a labor need of mine but also from the belief that offering quality materials to the little ones is a way of having respect for children. This is where we join as co-workers, and in a few months of being born in Tell this idea begins to appear in my head. I really like the world of childhood and as Carles is a carpenter-cabinetmaker. I proposed … and here we are.

How long ago was it created?

Five years ago. But Tell Fusta has evolved at our side.

Without hurry, step by step, and always thinking that children deserve the best.

Why did you named it Tell Fusta?

When we started thinking names, Tell was already born. The truth is that after going around the subject, we realized that we had the perfect name; Tell. Tell (in catalan) is a tree and its wood is used to make sculpture and toys. Tell also means good luck, who has good luck. The other question was whether it should be called Tell toys, Tell game, Game and Tell … but we wanted a name that would represent us all and finally, Tell Fusta emerged.


Now we will have to make a super toy that is said Tiá; we already have a couple of thoughts.

What was the first toy you made?

The first of all was the game of tampons, a literacy game made with pieces of wood where children can create a thousand drawings and also write their name. After the game of eggs, the abacus and the little bird drag.

And what has changed since the first toy?

We have changed ourselves, as a company and as people. Motherhood and fatherhood opened a new world, that of the movement in early childhood and with the observation of our eldest son, we discovered Emmi Pikler. For this reason, we begin to investigate and create specific psychomotor structures. It is at this time, when we believe it is important to democratize this type of game and we begin to offer our free and familiar play space.


Where can people find you?

Our new web portal, will be near: www.tellfusta.com. Also, on Instagram: @tellfusta, and if someone wants to see our workshop, in Vulpellac (Catalonia), we will be happy to receive it.

A little bird has told me that you are now changing, right?

You are right. Tell fusta becomes a trilogy: Tell Fusta carpentry, Tell Fusta wooden toys and Tell Fusta Family Play Space. In addition, this year we have moved to a new workshop, we have made some variations in our corporate image and renewed web. Natural changes after five years of existence.

Good luck and thank you very much Jordina.

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