Who is who – Today Maronadecolors-Mamidecolores

Who is who – Today Maronadecolors-Mamidecolores


The Maronadecolors, is the Cristina, a lover and grateful of life. I am 41 years old, I am the mother of a boy and a girl, and I am lucky to work with what I like, I am a teacher of early childhood and primary education, although in reality I am an apprentice of them, of my children and the children of the school.

– Name:


– Where do they live?

A very nice town in the Osona region.

– What do you like to do free time? Hobbies?

When I’m a mother, I like to play with my children, slowly enjoy our time together. But some time ago, I, Cristina returned to recover the reading times. I love reading. I enjoy the silence, the moments of solitude to meditate, to fill myself with energy, I enjoy searching, creating and preparing resources for my children or for my students, I am a little restless ass.

– What have you studied?

I did BUP and I went to work. After a while I made the CFGS of Social Integration, and then I made the career of Teaching specializing in Early Childhood Education. I have half a NLP master, I was very moved, and if I can combine it well, the next course I want to finish, at the moment I have the practitioner.

– What do you do?

I am a teacher of early childhood education, currently a tutor of a charming P4.

– Where do you work?

For the first time, in a School Institute.

– When did you start in the networks?

What was the first network you had? Why are you going to choose it? On Facebook on a personal level a few years ago, 8 or 9 years ago. The instagram will soon be 3 years ago. When I created the Marona blog of colors, they advised me that I would reach more people through these two networks, facebook and ig.

-As a mother and teacher at the same time, what can you tell us:

As a mother and teacher things are very different, and over time you learn to keep your mouth shut, and to listen more. Sometimes as a teacher you see things very easy, but when you have to live a delicate subject as a mother, it costs more to manage.

– How many children do you have? How old are your children?

I have a boy of 8 years, and a girl of 4 years.

– How old are the children you work with?

They are 4 and 5 years old. I am a tutor of a P4.

– Do you think that at home children should continue working what they learned in school, or is it better to let them play and / or watch TV?

Buf … delicate subject. In my opinion, no, but everyone does what they believe in their home and it must be respected. I do not feel well that the children have homework, since I think they have enough school hours so that later they have to “work” more. Nobody likes to take work home, because what should children do? At home we are aware and practice a daily reading, review multiplication tables, etc., everything that happens here … Today’s children lack movement, they are too many hours sitting in a chair. The game is the one that should be prioritized after school. The game outdoors, on the street, as before.



– What can be done from home to work with the school?

To want! Be willing to work with • the school. Parents should not be forced to do anything, but if parents want to work, to participate in whatever, they have to say it and the school should be grateful for this collaboration.

– And what can be done from school so that the parents-school binomial works in the same direction?

Talk, share concerns. Open doors! Listen to parents, families. And that they also listen to the teachers. We must walk hand in hand and in the same direction, we all want the same thing, the happiness of the children.

– Do you miss something at school?

After being a few years in a ZER (rural school), what I have left are the walls. And I miss a classmate in the classroom. The day that all teachers try to work as two teachers in the classroom, they will not want to be alone anymore. Being two people in a classroom allows you to reach more your students, and allows you to share, listen to the other, observe and learn from your partner, and most importantly, there are four hands instead of two when a little one needs you, there are 4 eyes to observe, there are two hearts to love.



– What do you like most about your work?

I like to be with the students, I like to make them laugh, I like to make them believe that magic exists, they will only be children once, I like to see that everything is magical, life is magic! I like to see the face of curiosity when I’m about to show you a new resource, I like to see their faces when I tell them a story, I like when they realize their progress, I like when they tell me that I smell good or when I they say they want to come to my house, we are lucky teachers!

– When you get home, do you disconnect yourself and stop being a teacher or do you act just like in school with your children? In other words, at home do you become a mother-of-man or just a mother?

I think you do not just disconnect from school, you have an antenna always in “way on” because everything is linked to the school, to “your” students. And no, I do not act as a teacher at home, at home I am a mother and enough. But I’m very aware of the activities or projects that are working at school, and when they ask for something because the antenna is in “mode where” it activates to see what we can do to collaborate with the school And on the other hand, when I prepare activities for school it seems that my children have the antenna in “way on”, because they like to help me to develop materials and resources that they want to try later.

– Are you in favor of extra-school children? What type (sports, music, dance, english, …)?

Only on the weekend or also during the week? Not for or against. If the child asks for some type of activity because he likes and wishes, then, if he has to go for duty or not like it … maybe the answer would be against. I think it’s a school bonus, because you like it, because it’s good, not because of obligation.

Do you think that art is important for the evolution of children?

It is very important. Through art, children can develop their creativity and their imagination. It helps to develop in all languages, can express their emotions, their ideas, through art you can see how a child really works, what he likes, what he enjoys.

– How can we start children in art? At what age would be the most appropriate to start?

We can start by showing them a whole range of resources and materials to explore, manipulate, discover and investigate through the senses, and from small ones. From very young ages, what we should do is to get dirty, touch the different textures, shapes and colors that surround our world. Touching nature, smelling it, feeling it, walking barefoot, getting wet, getting sick, etc., and while the child does all this, observe it, look at his face, his expression, look at the his soul, and if necessary, that many times it will be necessary, accompany him in this discovery, put words, laugh together, feel.

– And in the children’s school. Is art important in school? Because? What brings them?

And, as important, through everything I have mentioned before, art helps them develop their abilities. Through art you can learn to explore and love the world that surrounds us.

Pablo Picasso said: “All children are born artists, the challenge is that they continue to be when they grow up.”

– How do you inspire to make the resources you upload to Instagram?

I do not know. Sometimes I’m in the classroom with the students and I get an idea and apply it. On the fly, inspirations come to me, I am also shouting and looking for a lot, and everything, absolutely everything can be adapted at any age, you just have to be eager to do. Nothing to fear, to look for and stir!

– Can you explain to us that it is the @claustroiginfantil community?

It’s a community of geniuses! There are authentic teaching professionals and social educators with resources and an imagination that are wonderful. It is a good place to find thrilling ideas for all ages.

– Any special advice for early parents?

Hehehe,… my advice is that you do not hear advice. Let them do what they think they should do, that they trust in their instinct. Nobody better than parents to know what their son or daughter needs. Trust yourself, trust yourself. Do it very well, believe in you!



Thank you very much, Cristina!

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