What should parents do when faced with bullying?

What should parents do when faced with bullying?

What should parents do when their son / daughter suffers or exerts bullying?

The intervention of parents, in both cases is very necessary. You have to face the problem as soon as it is detected, which is not easy for parents. In many cases it is convenient to ask for help from professionals or people who know how to act in these cases.

In today’s post I have compiled some guidelines to guide you and know how to act against a case of school bullying:

– What to do when the child is the victim of the harassment?

In case you suspect that the child is being harassed it is very important to talk to him and to notice that he can trust you. That he can tell you his things, his problems. You have to give him confidence, raise his self-esteem, do not feel guilty, show him all your support. Do not hide the problem, talk to him.

Let him vent, let him tell you what is happening to him. Do not judge him.

Talk to your tutor to see if he knows what is happening and ask for his advice and collaboration to find a solution.

Help your child find a peaceful way out of the situation. In these cases, aggression would make the issue even worse.

Give him courage to respond to bullies and show him your support as many times as needed.

Do not show yourself worried in front of him. Do not exaggerate the problem.

In some cases, the child may show a lot of anxiety / fear. Take it to a professional who gives you guidelines to overcome the problem.

– What to do when the child is the harasser?

Children are often talked about, but little of the harasser. He / she also has a problem.

When parents detect that their son / daughter has violent behavior with their classmates / friends, it is best to contact a professional as soon as possible to address the problem.

Meanwhile, investigate why your son / daughter is a stalker, what frustrations make him show aggression.

Talk to the teachers, ask them for help. Collaborate with your tutor to coordinate the way you act. Discuss your progress.

Look more and better at your child’s friends / classmates and especially if there are new ones.

Try to talk more with your son / daughter. Try to explain if something happens to you with one of your friends, and make it clear that this behavior is not right and should be rectified. Feeling heard can help in the change of attitude. Show him that you love him.

Do not blame others for their bad behavior. You must insist on how you should behave in each situation and that aggression is not allowed.

Channel your aggressive behavior towards a sport or physical activity.

Do not ignore the situation. Keep calm, listen to him and look for a solution with him / her. Help him to manifest his dissatisfactions without aggression. Praise their good deeds. Encourage him to apologize to the victim. Help him find the mode.

I hope you have been helpful or interested and if you want to make any comments, in the “Contact” section you can do so. Also through Instagram (marta_comasm) or Facebook (martacomasillustration).

Happy month of April!

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