The tree

The tree


Short tales

The tree.

On top of a hill was a young and happy tree. From up there he could see very well everything around him and also the great sky that accompanied him every day and night. During the day, the sky was deep blue with the bright sun. During the night, the darkness accompanied by the white moon and the stars. But from time to time the sky was covered with gray clouds and water fell from the sky that got wet and cooled.

It spents the nights watching the sky to see how the moon changed shape. Some nights it was a whole disc, others it was half a disc and there were nights that the moon could not be seen, but then took the opportunity to observe the spectacle of the great starry sky.


During the day, the tree could see how the landscape changed around it. There were times when there was only a green field full of flowers, where birds and diverse animals came alive. It seemed that a great party was being prepared. Everyone ran up and down busy, preparing things. Full of energy and joy.


After spring came summer, where heat and sun were the protagonists. The animals had raised between the branches and the leaves of the tree, and every day, when the sun rose and set, the melody of life could be heard.


Once last summer, came autumn accompanied by shorter days. During those days the tree was a little discouraged because it saw how its magnificent leaves fell to the ground and changed color. Despite the sadness of his lost, he marveled at the large amount of landscape colors. From greens they became yellowish, then orange and finally brown.


But like everything else, autumn is over and gave way to winter. The cold, the short days and the snow accompanied the tree on the mound. It had lost his beloved leaves and felt sad and alone.

But luckily, after winter, spring always comes back.



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