Short tales. The Bird.

Short tales. The Bird.

Short stories.

The bird.

Once upon a time there was a small, small bird in a nest. From there, along with his brothers, he observed the great world around him; He was happy like that.

But one day their parents invited them to take flight and explore the world. When he heard this he was very afraid. That world was very big and full of dangers. No, no, he didn’t want to leave the nest, he always wanted to stay there, just watching the world.


His parents didn’t want to insist too much, and he stayed in the nest while the others marched to explore. The days went by and he watched as his brothers flew, laughed and played.


When they returned to the nest they told him excitedly what they had seen and learned out there.

Little by little the bird felt a need within himself to do the same as his brothers, but he had a horrible fear.


The first day he began to move the wings in the nest, the second day he tried to fly above the nest, the third day he dared to fly a little outside and on the fourth day he dared to fly with his brothers, who were encouraging him.

He was very happy with what he had achieved little by little, gradually overcoming his fear.


From the fifth day the bird flew and flew and nobody stopped him.

Despite the dangers that could await him, fear overcame and he could see the world beyond the nest.



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