Take care of the customer service.

Take care of the customer service.

Take care of the customer service. Take care of the little details.

Marta Comas Ilustration (M.C.I.) is a small company that started three years ago in the world of children’s illustration and has been looking for its place in the market.
At first we only made illustrations and small exhibitions. But later the need to grow arose. And then we include other products. For a while, we designed cups. Then sheets. And then shirts.

But the one that has never changed is our desire to take care of customer service. To have a careful treatment with the client. To do things very well also at the time of sale. And then. And above all, take care of the little details.

Throughout the purchase process, (https://www.martacomas.com/shop/es/) we are in contact with the client and we will solve any doubt or question. We attach great importance to the personalization of the sale.

We always accompany the packages with a card containing all the contact information, in case you need to ask us any questions, after the purchase.
Shipments are with registered mail or recognized transport agency. And the customer can, at all times, know where their package is. And at the time of shipment, we notify the customer because they have proof of when it will arrive.

We also like to take care of the details in our day to day. It is about striving to observe, and get to know how our customers are. It is very important to take care of the graphic image of the company and its products and adapt them to the type of clients we are targeting. Make them feel protagonists. Why Man is a social being He likes being with others, feeling accompanied. That they are interested in their things.

From Marta * Comas * Illustration we try to fulfill this desire every day with hard work and small details. And the maximum quality of our products.

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