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Short stories


Short stories 

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From childhood, stories have been a very important part in my life. When I was little, the best time of day was when my parents told me about a story before going to bed. Then, when I was older, they gave me a book with some pretty covers that evoked fantastic worlds and all kinds of stories. That’s why I used it to write stories that I liked to hear. The most were historical, tragic, loving stories (it was that time when teenager began). For me these stories were very meaningful and I really liked writing them. But the rest of the people who I read them, all proud, did not understand them.

Since childhood it was very hard for me learning to read and write. I had writing problems and made many faults. For me, school was hard, because, that everyone was good about (especially mathematics and languages), cost me horrors. I was struggling hard to improve; I did a lot of dictations, I asked my  mother to help me to see the lack of spelling and checked the structures of the texts. My effort was hardly reflected afterwards at school. And I started feeling inferior to others and my self-esteem went down. A critic moment came when what I considered one of the best things I did, writing stories, was not good because nobody understood them. For this reason, I abandoned this habit.

When I was older we discovered that I have a laterality disorder that affects learning (because you get an idea is very similar to dyslexia). We understood many things that happened to me at school and helped to reduce my concern.

When I was already at the University and I did as monitor of colonies in the summer I started telling stories to children before going to bed. Every night I explained a new one, some invented for me and others that I knew to me by memory. I could not read them because there was no light, so I often improve. I loved telling stories so they fell asleep and made me feel proud when the children asked me to tell them a story.
(If you never have trouble falling asleep on your children, it’s a foolproof method, tell them a story in a loose voice and with the lights turned off)

At last years of the graphic design career I discovered the illustration, which fascinated me. It was another way to create stories without using writing. I decided to specialize me in this artistic branch and, thanks to the illustration, I became an image narrator. That made me regain my self esteem.

It was very recently, when talking to my father, he encouraged me to resume writing stories. I have learned to write small stories that I have also illustrated and that I would like to share with you. For this reason, I have thought that from now on I will try to upload some stories that I have written and illustrated so that you can read and explain to your children and who knows if I can make a book in a while .


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