Who is who

Who is who

Hello again,

Today begins a new stage in martacomas.com with “who is who”.

And you will ask yourself, what is this about “Who is who”? Well, I’ll tell you right now. You will see.

When we were creating the new website, there was something that had me uneasy. I often found myself thinking about content for the new Blog. I wanted it to be something that interested the more people better. That bring some value to our blog. That will help our readers, but at the same time entertain. But I could not think of anything that I liked. Or that I did not see often in other publications. Until one day I found it. And here you have it.

In this new stage, we will publish a series of interviews with “influencers” or instagrammers related to education and the world of children. We will interview teachers, speech therapists, mothers, fathers, editors, couchs, educators, and they will share their experiences with us and give us some advice.

I have thought that it is monthly, although I do not rule out that we published an interview before. We already have some in the drawer and I promise you will like it. Big surprises await you!

And to start from the top, the first interview I will publish will be the one I did to Anna, from @creaduca.

In a few days you will have it uploaded to the Blog.

And if you want to receive all the interviews, leave your data in Contact and we will notify you every time we publish.

See you soon!

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