Who is who – Today, Ireneysuaula.

Who is who – Today, Ireneysuaula.


In this new interview we present Irene, from @ireneysuaula. She is part of the community of intagrammers teachers. Then he tells us very interesting things about the education of our children.

Hi, I’m Irene. I am 40 years old and have 2 children, one of 8 and another of 6 years. I am a teacher in a school with some wonderful students.
Sometimes they ask me how I organize my time so I can do everything. Well, my time is quite structured although I am very flexible to the changes.
In my spare time I like to read and meet friends and do some activity
I started using Instagram in January of 2017 for the wonderful comments from some of my colleagues.

Well, we started.

– How old are the children you work with?

My kids are currently 4 years old. We started in 3 years together and I will leave them with 5 years. I perform the complete cycle of infantile with ellxs.

– Do you think that at home children should continue working what they learned in school, or is it better to let them play?

I am not in favor of sending homework. Children are no smarter at working at home with a series of activities. I think that with the little time that families currently have to see their children, with working mothers and fathers, it would only be necessary to subtract a little more of that time in doing homework. The afternoons are scarce and the children must talk with their families, play, walk. In short, have a quality time at home.

– What can be done from home to collaborate with the school?

Everything that really is worth it to contribute to a good education. They are your hijxs and as such you always want the best for them. Families can do what they can and be within their means.

– And what can be done from school so that communication with families works?

The school, what it does best. Maintain communication and active interest with families on topics related to their children.

– When you get home, you know how to disconnect?

When I get home, I try to disconnect from being a “teacher”. At first it costs a little but with time I got it and my kids are very grateful.

– Do you think art is important for the evolution of children?

For me, art is fundamental at home and at school. Not only for the evolution of children, it is also culture and love. Through art you can realize yourself as a person, know historical issues, develop sensitivity to certain paintings and painters, express feelings and endless things.


– How can we start children in art, at home? And at what age would it be best to start?

Art has no age to start you. Art is a way of life that all people have. Some more developed and others to develop.

At home you can do many things. Since they are babies you can take them to exhibitions, to see colors, to listen to music. As they grow, you can encourage the taste for experimentation through the senses. Nature is always good ally.

– And at school? Is art also important? Why? What does it bring?

For me art is very important in school. It brings them knowledge, expression, happiness and freedom.


– How do you inspire yourself to make the resources you post on Instagram?

When I create a resource, it is because I need something that the market does not offer me. I do not usually get inspired by anything. The idea just appears in my mind and I can not stop until it becomes tangible.

– What criteria do you follow to select the publications?

They have to be educational.

– Any special advice for new parents?

Patience, that you know your baby and that you feel loved. Let them support each other and if they need help they ask for it.

– Any special comment?

Thank you for having me and participating in such a beautiful initiative.

Thank you very much, Irene!

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