Marta & Eduard

Marta & Eduard

Marta & Eduard


The couple decided to set their wedding scene with their passion for the mountains and hiking. For that reason they decided to make the invitation with the relief of the slope lines of the area where the ceremony and the invitation are made. In this way the invitation itself serves as a map to reach the site.
100% recycled cotton paper 550gr
Printed in Letterpress 3 inks
Printed by Lakabana
Size:  10 x 21 cm


The envelope is decorated on the front with the logo created especially for the wedding and with a tree relief. The back is closed with a wax seal, with a symbol that also characterizes the couple, a rubber duck (an element that the couple collects).
Envelope:On vertical opening kraft


The couple got engaged at the top of the Matagalls mountain, for that reason in the logo appears in the circle the mountain that joined them. In addition there are different symbols represented in the logo.


The compass needle represents hiking.
The moon represents Martha and the sun represents Eduard.
The star is the symbol of reaching the goal, the summit, the ceremony.

And in the design there is a hidden duckling.

Weeding web

The website starts at the bottom and has to scroll up. It is made this way because we wanted to represent a path that goes up to the top of the mountain. As the guests scroll they will find the necessary information and will be able to see some easter eggs related to the couple.

Welcome poster

Laser engraving on wood and UV color printing.
Printing by Leloup

Seatting plan

It was decided that each table would be a mountain that the couple had made together or one of them, that’s why both the Seatting plan and the table names have the illustration of the specific mountain, following the same aesthetics as the Logo.

Table names

Weeding Menu

Weeding menu follow the same aesthetic as the seatting plan.

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