How to choose school

How to choose school

Choosing the best school is not easy. The offer is wide and varied. You can choose between laics and religious, traditional and advanced, competitive or inclusive, etc.

But you have to start from an idea: the ideal school does not exist. You can find the one that most closely matches your tastes, needs, priorities, but in all you will find something that makes it not perfect.

When the time comes to choose the school, many mothers / fathers live it with anguish and nervousness. You have to think that it is a good time to reflect and assess what your priorities are as a parent and what are the values ​​you want your daughter / son to have.
Choose a school that is close to home (if possible). This will allow your daughter / son to also maintain friendship ties outside of class. Having classmates in the neighborhood is very good for them. It helps them develop their social side better.

Do not pay attention to fashions, rumors, opinions of family and friends. And above all, forget about the school you went to and how they taught you. It is best to choose a school that you feel comfortable with, in which you think your daughter / son can be happy.

Below I indicate the 10 golden rules to choose the best school.
• Do not let yourself be guided by the rumors that circulate. If you want to know opinions, ask parents who have children in school and teachers.
• Leave prejudices and clichés behind, because they are no more than this.
• Attend the open days. It is time to ask questions you may have and to make a general impression of what the school is like. Look at what is said but also what it looks like. The walls of the schools speak and, therefore, look at what stands out.
• In the open day, ask for the teaching team, if it is stable or not, what are your training priorities and ask about the school project. That is, school facilities are not the most important thing.
• Choose a school or another according to the educational values ​​that you prioritize and also as the child / child.
• Keep in mind that there are no good or bad schools, but there are schools that stand out more for one theme or another. Therefore, when looking for a particular aspect, it is better to be guided by the affinities between the values ​​of the school and family values.
• Values ​​the school for all stages of school, and not only for the child. Although it seems obvious, study how it is global.
• Look at the website. You will be able to obtain information such as the excursions that are organized, if the AMPA is active, what role the languages ​​have, etc.
• Make a list of the educational priorities and those your child needs: school project, school values, special needs, personalized attention, proximity to home, large or small school.
• Do not idealize, the ideal school does not exist. Search in your environment the school with which you will build day by day your story of love and trust.

I hope you have been helpful. If you feel like it, tell me in a comment.
Happy week !

Note: Source consulted FUNDACIÓ BOFILL.

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