Exposition. We opened on February 6th.

Exposition. We opened on February 6th.

Header illustration of Sara Sanchez .

Hello again.

I am very excited to tell you that next Thursday, February 6th, I will open an exhibition in Barcelona.

The idea was born after conducting a specialization workshop. We all had in mind to do something to show the ravages of climate change and the possibility arose to unite to make an exhibition about endangered animals.

It is a collective exhibition of 31 illustrators of different styles. Each one provides several original pieces, created expressly for the exhibition.

We open on February 6th in the afternoon at the Civic Center of Barceloneta, and you can enjoy it until February 28.

Free entrance.

I enclose a map with directions on how to get there.

You are invited! I wait for you!


Illustrators list:

Alicia Martorell @mi_caraoculta
Anabel (Anne Emelie) @annemeliee anneemelie.com
Andrea Vilaró
Anna Roca @anna_roca_illustration
Carme Fabregat (Peixious by C) @peixious
Clara Trucco
Irene Valiente
Jessica Piqueras @jessicapiqueras
Jordi Beltran @jordi_beltran_illustrator
Josep Lluís Martín @josep_lluis_martin @jllmartinilustracion
Juan Carlos Beneyto
Lucía Segura @luciasegura.art  www.luciasegura-art.com
Manuel López
María Victorel
Marta Bach
Meritxell Ozcáriz @txell_illustration
Miriam S. de Arcos (Msdearcos) @msdearcos
Montse Martínez (MinMun @minmunart
Paula Bernal (Paüla Noidat) @paulanoidat
Ricardo Borlandelli
Rosalía Clemente @pastanagues_
Sara Sánchez @sarasanchez.ilustracion
Sergi Torné @stvornitoloco
Victoria Giro
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