Dreams. Dreaming about animals.

Dreams. Dreaming about animals.



To dream about animals.

Animals appear very often in our dreams and have great symbolism.

If we go back, we will see how many of the animals that appear to us come from a reminiscence of when man lived in caves and had to fight against them to survive. Like cats or reptiles. We have also attributed symbolism to animals without being conscious through collective consciousness throughout history. Every time an animal is presented to us in a dream, we should investigate what it represents, because each animal has its own symbolism and perhaps it is warning us of an important message.

I will tell you about one case of my own that made a great impact on me. Two years ago in a very short period of time I went through a pneumonia and a urine infection, but the most curious thing of all is that in both cases, before I knew that I had an infection I dreamt that a poisonous snake bit me on my arm. My body knew but I did not and unconsciously warned me through this dream. In this case the poisonous snake represented the disease and the poison was the infection, a toxic element to the body, which had entered the body.

I clearly, although I was shocked, I did not pay much attention at that time. But when I realized the relationship of my dream to the disease I decided to take more attention to the dreams where the animals appear.

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