Short tales: Winter.

Short tales: Winter.

Short tales



When winter comes, he is accompanied by three very curious characters. The first to arrive is Mr. Cold, he is a serious man but he loves to make people turn their nose red.

The second to arrive is Mr. wind, he is a free and moved man. He enjoys traveling and seeing the world, for a while he is here and for a while he is there. He can never stop still. 

And the last to arrive is Miss Snow, an elegant and quiet woman who enjoys watching the world beneath her feet as she falls on rooftops, streets and mountain

During long winter nights, Cold, Wind and Snow enjoy having fun in the mountains, parties and games. When the day arrives you can see where they have gone through the whiteness of the floor.

When the spring is coming slowly, the first to leave is Snow and gives way to his sister, the Rain. Then Mr. cold, tired of all winter, goes to rest. And the Wind, doesn’t know what to do, he comes and goes.


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