Children’s stories and bullying

Children’s stories and bullying

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After writing the post about the guidelines to follow in case of suspicion of bullying, I felt uneasy about the issue, and I kept looking for information online. I found many websites with data, but in the blog of Judith Franch, in the web Club Peques Lectores I found several recommendations about some fantastic stories that talk about Bullying.

They are stories that help adults to work on self-esteem, problem solving, empathy with children. In short, to talk about the problem.

Here are some of the comments that Judith makes on her blog about these stories.

– “Nuna knows how to read the mind”, ed. BiraBiro (+3 years): fantastic to work empathy, put yourself in the place of the aggressor and understand the two visions of the same conflict. Nuna comes home worried about a comrade’s comment. His mother leaves him some magical vision glasses, with which he can read the thoughts of others. It will be then when you discover that sometimes people do not say what they think and can understand their hidden feelings.

– “The little monster says NO!”, Ed. Sushi Books (+3 years): this story I like because it makes children understand that they have to trust their feelings and express their discontent with certain situations or attitudes. We all have the right to say “no” when someone does not treat us well, something we do not like or do not want or bother us, without causing us remorse. A story about friendship, how to relate and not let them abuse us.

– “Red or why bullying is no joke”, ed. Tramontana (+5 years): a story that I think is essential, as it shows the feelings of all the affected parties and invites us to reflect on this type of conflict. It also focuses on the witnesses (passive or not) of bullying. Proving that it is in their hands to do something to stop these aggressions. Important antibullying programs have shown that they hold the key to ending these conflicts.

And finally, the wonderful wonder.
– “Wonder”, ed. Cloud of Ink (+ 11-12 years): this is a story that all teenagers, preteens and their parents should read. August, the protagonist, was born with a severe malformation on the face, after many operations and being educated at home, it’s time to go to school. More specifically in the institute. It will not be easy for him or his new teammates. Highly recommended, easy to read and agile, also written in different parts narrated by different protagonists of the story, so it gives us the opportunity to see the feelings of each one, their concerns and how they perceive and live the conflicts of their day day.

These are some of the stories that are being edited to help parents / guardians talk / explain to children what bullying is and how to cope. You have them in Spanish and Catalan.

Both from the side of the victim child and the stalker child.

You can find them in any bookshop and also on the Internet.

I hope it will be helpful to explain / deal with this problem with your little one, more and more frequent at school age. And even, preschool.

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