Once again, on April 23, the party of SANT JORDI.

It’s a very special day. So special that even people who never read, buy books. What should the environment of Sant Jordi have that provokes these reactions? It will be the color of the roses in the streets of the cities of Catalonia, a crowd of people walking, or the children looking at the books that are in the street stalls. It is the only day of the year that bookstores take their tables to the street to sell.

As I say, it’s a very beautiful day. But it is workable and we can not all enjoy it.

So, if you do not have time to walk between book stands, leafing through them to see which one your girl will like best, I’ve made a list of the most recommended booksellers, educators, teachers, and so on, so you can buy it at any time, even on the internet, if you are so desperate.

1 – For those who can not read, or almost:
Susanne Straber, Molt adormit, molt awakening. Translation Susana Montero
Formes, colors and numbers, Dario Zeruto
The peix irisat, Marcus Pfister
L’illa de l’avi, Benji Davies
The Sara and the Pelut: a pony that fa lladrucs, Jan Birck
Lluís Farré, Family Retrat

2 – First readings:
L’arbre de les històries, Eulàlia Canal
The baby that només is going to be able to endur a thing, Eulàlia Canal
Deu abelles al taronger, Marilar Aleixandre
Xarop de banya d’unicorn, Muntsa Mimó

3 – Adventures and fantasy:
El monstre de l’armari, Enric Lluch
The bruixa, Enric Lluch
Teva àvia is a crack of the mates, Joan Olivares
Descent to the barranc del Diable, Víctor Raga

4 – Various themes:
Ara em dic Joana, Jessica Walton
Tots som Wonder, R. J. Palacio
In Roc i l’escala de les portes secretes, Eulàlia Canal
The viatge, Francesca Sanna

I hope this list has been helpful and your child enjoys a beautiful book by Sant Jordi.

See you soon and HAPPY SANT JORDI 2018!

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