Awards ceremony Winter painting workshop

Awards ceremony Winter painting workshop

After several postponements for different reasons, finally on Saturday, February 24 we made the awards ceremony of the Painting Workshop, organized with Galeria Blanca and Piera, in Sant Cugat del Vallés.

It involved girls and boys from 3 to 10 years.

The jury was composed of the representative of Piera and myself. We chose the 3 drawings that best reflected the theme of the Workshop.

It was very close.

The winners were given as a reward and courtesy of Piera:
– 1st prize: a box of watercolor pencils
– 2nd prize: a box of Guash markers
– 3rd prize: a box of fine tip pens.
– 4th and subtraction: a caixa de Dacs.

In the photos you can see all the drawings that participated. And the winners.

This was the first of many. With Galeria Blanca and Piera we are thinking about organizing a quarterly Workshop. The next would go on spring.
We will not be late I’ll let you know in advance.

I hope to see you with your children in the next Spring Painting Workshop !!!

See you soon!!!

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