Who I am

Marta Comas was born in Barcelona, but with many ties to the mountain where she has spent a very important part of her life. 

Her childhood was influenced by a creative family, where drawing and painting were present. The world of volunteering marked her way of being and seeing the world, first as a theater monitor and then as a monitor of young children’s colonies. 

Painting and drawing have been present in her life. Since she was very young she knew what she wanted to do, but it was not until she finished the graphic designer career at the Eina School and that she went to do an illustration graduate at the Bau School, that she decided to dedicate herself to infantile and juvenile illustration. 

And that has become her great passion.

What I do

Pictures full of color and tenderness where mainly the animals are the protagonists. Unique and handmade decoration elements that transport you to the world of children. For the little ones in the house or for those who still carry a child inside.

In addition, if you want to do some special detail, you can order me to paint walls, pictures, boxes, furniture, … All in a personalized way. 

I can work with other formats, such as paper book and digital, both in the field of children and youth, and also with video format and stop motion.